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Spaag Organised the first Growth Awards Edition in France!

On Wednesday, 21st September 2022, at Comet Meeting in Paris, the first Growth Awards in France took place!


This successful event gathered 60 candidates, 300 off-line spectators and hundreds more online last week.

It was organized by our entity Spaag and Growth.Talent.

During the ceremony, the speakers were able to present and share their Growth Hacking strategies, but also to develop around the tools they use and their vision of teamwork.


The Jury, made up of ten of the most reputable experts in the Growth ecosystem, awarded the following prizes:

🏆 Best Growth Strategy of the year : the Orian Roturier team at GitGuardian

🏆 Best Head of Growth of the year (LoneScale Award) : Quentin Lallemand from Libeo

🏆 Best Growth Prospect of the year : Kévin Moënne-Loccoz from Lempire

🏆 Best Growth Tool of the year (Captain-data Award) :

🏆 Best Expat Growth of the year : Héctor Alejandro Vera Givaudan

🏆 Best Viral Campaign of the year (WeWeb Award) : Time for the Planet


Congratulations and thanks to the winners who bring their experience to the Growth industry each day.

Thank them also for sharing their experience to everyone at the event.

Get ready to participate to the next edition, which will be back next year and will bring together even more experts and spectators!


To learn more about the event, find all the information directly on: