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Coralie Dussart on frenchdoers’ “Vrai de vrai” program.

Coralie Dussart, CEO of Spaag, explains her entrepreneurial experience with a startup studio

Coralie Dussart, CEO of Spaag, a growth hacking company, talks about her professional career for the Frenchdoers channel’s “Vraie de vrai” programme.

In addition to explaining the success of her company, she also talks about the advantages of being accompanied by a startup studio when creating a startup and how Sparkling Partners helped her develop her entrepreneurial project.

Coralie Dussart started working at Sparkling Partners as a growth hacker. Her first success was with Delitoon, an application for reading Webtoons, Korean manga. By helping to increase the company’s turnover fivefold, she participated in the first exit of the startup studio and was able to prove herself to Martin Toulemonde and Charles Perrard, the co-founders of Sparkling Partners.

She then created Sparkling Agency, the former name of Spaag, with the help of Sparkling Partners, which provided her with advice but also legal, financial and logistical resources.

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